Photography: Macro vs Micro

Photography: Macro vs Micro
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7/16/2020 4:00 PM
6115 S Santa Fe Drive
Littleton, CO 80120, US
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Learn how to advance from "up-close photography" to macro and micro photography. Macro and micro photography takes the concept of "up-close" photography a step further. Usually, macro and micro refer to the same thing. The difference is simply in the words. “Macro” refers to something large, where “micro” means small.  This photography style lets the subject fill all or most of the frame so that you can get an incredible amount of detail. In other words, you’d get a “macro” shot of a “micro” object. And, because it takes up the frame, you can lose the sense of how tiny the subject actually is.

The real difference between up-close photography and macro/micro photography is the camera lens you use. Anyone can take a close-up picture, such as with a telephoto lens. But generally, macro photography can only be created with a macro lens. Learn how to use these special lens from professional photographer John DiTirro with Infocus Photography. 

The class will begin with instruction in the classroom and then head outdoors for practice. The class will conclude with evaluation on class photos. 

This class is intended for personal use and enjoyment, and not for commercial purposes. Please no professional photographers.

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