Nesting Pocket Bird House


This pocket is the perfect place for small garden birds to roost and nest. Set it up in your backyard and listen while the birds sing you songs of gratitude. 

Cosy roosting spaces away from the prevailing wind can be a life-saver for small birds during harsh weather conditions. Without a shelter, they use up vital energy reserves just trying to keep warm. This shelter has a sturdy inner frame to support the brushwood covering. The design includes integral fixing loops so that the pocket can be easily tied into suitable foliage or vegetation.

This pocket may also be used by nesting birds in springtime. The size and shape is suitable for small nesting hole species such as blue tits and other small birds. The small round entrance has a little rattan door step which serves as a landing platform as well as a cute little porch designed to deflect rain.

17 × 16 × 25 cm

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